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Top 10 Reasons to Join DECA

For starters, DECA is a program that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. But it’s so much more. I like to describe DECA as a practical home because it teaches you so much you need for the world and the connections you make on the way makes DECA your family. So no matter if you are a student curious about this organization or a member trying to find target points to recruit students, this article is going to tell you the Top 10 Reasons To Join DECA!

Gaining Communication Skills

In DECA there are countless activities that help members build effective communication skills. Whether it’s a presentation in class, prep role plays we have to practice with classmates, or mini competitions where we have to sell items, they all help us for our future careers and our everyday lives.

Trips and Events

DECA has so many fun, exciting events and trips throughout the year like Pro Sports Career Day at Thunder and helping at food banks. Two of the biggest events we have in DECA are State CDC and ICDC. DECA State CDC is an optional event but highly recommended where students compete in different career clusters. But State is not just competition, you also get to meet some cool people, bond with your chapter, and meet your State Officers. ICDC is an absolutely amazing trip. We go to destinations like Orlando, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, Anaheim, California or Atlanta, Georgia. I have to say by personal experience these trips are so amazing and life changing that you are not going to want to leave.


If you are like me and are very competitive, DECA is just the organization for you. One of the biggest components of DECA is competition and I know what you are thinking – this is a business class so what exactly are you competing in?? I was thinking the same question too! I like to think of DECA competition as a way to put what you learn in the classroom to the test. It also gives you the opportunity to explore job clusters of marketing, business management and administration, finance, and my favorite: hospitality and tourism. In these clusters you can compete in role plays, written events, projects, and so much more. It gives you the chance not only to discover what your interested in but to also win and compete against people around the world.

College Help

In high school the top priority for most students is to plan for the future. But if you are anything like me thinking about college is so stressful, especially paying for it. Luckily, DECA offers a variety of state and national scholarships that their members can apply for. There are also colleges that sponsor and love DECA and pay for some if not all of our tuition.

Meet DECAmazing People

From your chapter to State CDC to ICDC, you are privileged with the opportunity to meet some downright amazing people. Lots of DECA members including myself get the honor of saying we met our best friend in DECA. Meeting people that have the same passion as you and can truly relate to being a DECA member is a blessing. Being a DECA member, you also get to hear from some successful business leaders and inspirational keynote speakers who understand how you are feeling as business students.

Job Opportunities

Did you know being in DECA looks amazing on a resume and even better to jobs and businesses? DECA teaches you the skills you need in order to be successful in a work environment like critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Businesses love to see young people not only involved but knowing the do’s and don’ts of the business world. Many business leaders complain that our generation doesn’t know how to properly communicate to adults or we don’t have strong people skills. Well, being in DECA gives you those tools so you can learn and prove the adults wrong. DECA is also sponsored by many businesses that look to hire DECA students like Chipotle, Marriott, Office Depot, and many more.

Life Lessons and Hacks

Being in DECA you learn a lot of life skills and business information but what I didn’t know was thatI would learn life lessons and hacks that will help better me now and in my future life. Without DECA I would have never known the difference between business casual and business professional and how to dress for interviews. DECA taught me sportsmanship when I didn’t get first at State. I even learned how to pay my taxes my first year in DECA which I know will help me in my future. Overall, DECA teaches you some lessons that the classroom and even sometimes your parents can’t teach you.

A Leadership Chance

In DECA you have plenty of chances to enhance your leadership. DECA teaches some of the biggest skills you need as a leader like communication, problem solving, and teamwork. In DECA there are several opportunities to grow your leadership from attending FLC (Fall Leadership Conference), to being in charge of the DECA cookie business, to running to be a chapter, state, or national officer of DECA. As a current chapter and state officer, I feel so blessed. Not only am I so passionate about DECA but I get to inspire and teach members what DECA is truly about. It has taught me so much about my leadership style and how to be a better leader.

DECA Cookies

If you don’t join DECA for any of the reasons I’ve already named, at least join it for the cookies. Most chapters if not all get the opportunity to run a business selling cookies throughout their DECA experience. You not only get an idea of how to run a business but you also get to eat some delicious cookies.

The Impact

DECA really is home and with me now being an incoming junior this organization already has trulytransformed my life. My advisor, my chapter, State CDC, ICDC, the people, the skills that will help me in life, and the connection I have made with DECA is mind blowing. DECA has brought out the best version of me and if DECA can do that to me, DECA can certainly do that for you too.

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